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Teen Sex In Norfolk

The Caister International College For Young Ladies

Introduction To The Story

Chapter 1
Schoolgirls Become College Girls

Chapter 2
Teenage Girls Travelling Alone

Chapter 3
A Teenage Virgin's Journey Alone

Chapter 4
Teenage Sex In A Station Waiting Room

Chapter 5
Mile High Blowjob From A Teenage Sexpot

Chapter 6
A Teenage Girl Is Fucked, Buggered, And Sucks Cock

Chapter 7
A Kinky Teens Attempt To Get A Middle Age Man Hard

Chapter 8
A Striptease Then A Licking Out For A Teen Pussy

Chapter 9
Fucking Teenage Girls Is A Hit And Miss Affair

Chapter 10
Naked Teenage Tits And Teenage Bukkake

Chapter 11
Teen Masturbation & Teen Fisting

Chapter 12
Teenage Orgy: Dream, Nightmare, Or Reality???

Chapter 13
Mile High Teen Sex

Chapter 14
Teenage Girls In The Sex Capital Of Europe

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This is the story of college girls at an international college in Norfolk (UK). It is not a coed college, it is strictly for teenage girls. But there are plenty of teenage boys and mature men in the town, and the girls are not locked in. So the girl students get plenty of teen sex to go with their more mainstream education.

This is a FREE teen sex site, the story of these teenage girls will be revealed chapter by chapter. You can follow along as the teen virgins are deflowered, as the "bad girls" continue the sexual activities they started while at home, and as the "good girls" discover that it is a lot more fun if they are not as good as their parents hoped they would be!

From the last paragraph it should be blindingly obvious that this site contains teen porn and should not be viewed by people under eighteen years of age, or who have a moral or religious objection to teen porn (although do note that all the teenage girls on this site are over eighteen years old). So if you are too young, or do not like teen sex then Click Here to go somewhere else!


This is the story of a girls college in England, on the Norfolk coast, in a town called Caister. It specialises in giving teenage girls from other countries a good education. It is not a charity, it is expensive to send your eighteen year old daughter there. The idea is that while getting a top notch education the teenage girls will also get the experience of living in a foreign country, which is an important experience in this ever shrinking world. They will also be able to improve their English by interacting with the locals, this also being important in a world that being increasingly dominated by America, where they also speak English . What the parents do not realise is that their daughters will also be getting plenty of experience of what teen sex is like in a foreign country.

As soon as they get away from their parents these teenage girls turn into right little teen sluts, determined to use the cocks of English teenage boys and the experience of older English men. They get a proper education at the college, but these teenage girls also get an improper education at the teen orgies in Caister town!

*   *   *   *   *   *

Caister is a real place. It is a town on the southern end of the east coast of Norfolk, England. My description of the town is very accurate, I visit it often. Or rather it was very accurate when I wrote it, but by the time you read this story the town may have changed a bit, or even a lot. However I doubt it. It is now over thirty years since I first visited the town and in those years it has not changed much. True, it has changed a little bit, the main change being the building of two large supermarkets - one in the centre of town and one on the southern edge of town, practically in Great Yarmouth (in fact some people think it is in Great Yarmouth). It's main grocery store also closed, not surprising really, since it was opposite one of the new big supermarkets. But on the whole the town is the same as it used to be. When I am there there I still visit many of the shops I used to visit thirty years ago, still see the sights I saw thirty years ago, etc. And I guess that in thirty years time it will still be the same.

However probably not in 60 years. A few years back the British government decided that in response to global warming they would protect the west side of Britain and let the lower parts of the east side flood. Caister (and much of south east Norfolk) is already practically at sea level, so sixty years from now will probably be submerged. Just think of Caister as "New Atlantis" and enjoy this story while the town is still above the waves!

Although Caister is a genuine place, The Caister International College For Young Ladies is totally fictitious. There are local schools there, there may even be International colleges somewhere in the town (I've never seen one, but I may have missed it - and there is at least one international college in Great Yarmouth, which is the next town along the Norfolk Coast in a southern direction). You should not assume I have based this college on any establishment in Caister, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, or anywhere else in the world. I have not, it is entirely an invention of my deranged mind, influenced mostly by 1970s British porn movies!

The people too are fictitious. I made them all up and they are not based on anyone (although, here too, my brain was heavily influenced by British porn movies made in the 1970s).

Incidentally, any Americans getting confused because they have a place called Norfolk in the US too, will be further confused by the fact that the next town to Caister in a northern direction along the coast is called California - and it will feature in later chapters.

Please Read You may be wondering why there have been no new chapters for a long time. The reason is that it takes both time and money to run a website like this. It is supposed to pay for itself from people purchasing things via the adverts. However that has not happened, so I have only been able to update it when I had spare time. Nowadays I am working long hours, so I have not had any spare time to write new chapters. It has been suggested to me that I add a "donate" button for people who want to see more chapters to donate money to get them written. So, if you want more chapters of the story use the "donate" button below to make a donation.

Now to get straight into the story Click Here and go to chapter one!

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