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Teen Sex In Norfolk

The Caister International College For Young Ladies

Introduction To The Story

Chapter 1
Schoolgirls Become College Girls

Chapter 2
Teenage Girls Travelling Alone

Chapter 3
A Teenage Virgin's Journey Alone

Chapter 4
Teenage Sex In A Station Waiting Room

Chapter 5
Mile High Blowjob From A Teenage Sexpot

Chapter 6
A Teenage Girl Is Fucked, Buggered, And Sucks Cock

Chapter 7
A Kinky Teens Attempt To Get A Middle Age Man Hard

Chapter 8
A Striptease Then A Licking Out For A Teen Pussy

Chapter 9
Fucking Teenage Girls Is A Hit And Miss Affair

Chapter 10
Naked Teenage Tits And Teenage Bukkake

Chapter 11
Teen Masturbation & Teen Fisting

Chapter 12
Teenage Orgy: Dream, Nightmare, Or Reality???

Chapter 13
Mile High Teen Sex

Chapter 14
Teenage Girls In The Sex Capital Of Europe

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Teenage Girls Travelling Alone

Before term starts, the college asks the students how they intend to travel to England. They then work out routes that the girls can use that allows them to meet up as early as possible. Although this often means that they don't travel by the most direct routes, it does mean that they travel alone for the shortest possible time.

Gerbil (Gerbalannainstikoff) travelled to England by train. The first half of the journey was the longest, and worst. She was travelling on sub standard east European trains across countries that until recently had been part of communist Russia. It took several days, the carriages were mostly uncomfortable, and some of the areas she travelled through were rough. She was alone for this leg of the journey because she was the only person travelling from her part of the world (most people in the ex-sovi-block countries could not afford a posh foreign education). But the worst thing about this part of the journey was that, for Gerbil, it was a combination of boredom, excitement (over the fact that she was heading for England), and fear (some parts of the journey not safe for teenage girls travelling alone, hell they were not even safe for butch rugby players to travel alone). And this melting pot of conflicting emotions had made her horny.

She was OK going through Latvia, but by the time she reached Lithuania she was dying for a fuck. Trouble was, that the train was either crowded or empty, at no point was there just one other person on board.

So when the train crossed the Polish border she was fit to bust. A few guys got on, and she made her willingness to do anything as obvious as possible. They did not take the bait. She tried hitching up her skirt, and undoing a few buttons on her blouse. No response. She got very frustrated. Several men travelling together who seemed to have no sexual interest in teenage girls, and no interest in having teen sex with Gerbil, who was practically throwing herself at them.

But how was Gerbil to know that these men were heading for that month's meeting of the Warsaw gay club?

When the train reached Warsaw the men got off. And the train got crowded. Gerbil gave up her seat to an old lady. The train got more and more crowded, the standing passengers got crushed together, and Gerbil found herself squashed up against a muscular Polish farmer in his mid twenties. She could feel his firm manly body pressed against her tender teenage flesh, and it was almost more than she could stand.

His thigh was pressed against her crotch, and as the aged train ran over the even older tracks, the rough motion forced her to rub her pussy against his legs. That felt good. She spread her legs slightly, allowing his thigh to nestle between them, and enjoyed the ride.

Eventually the rubbing caused her to orgasm. She smothered her noise and shuddering as much as possible, and fortunately the creaking from the old rolling stock and the conversation of other passengers covered the sounds she was making. And if anyone had noticed the shuddering of her body they would have put it down to the rough motion of the train.

Gerbil managed to get several orgasms out of the unsuspecting farm hand, before the train again emptied out. She was left her alone in the carriage except for two nuns who were sharing a sandwich and reading something that looked like a prayer book but (unknown to Gerbil) hid a magazine of the type the mother superior would severely disapprove of, and that the nuns would not dare take into the convent.

Finally Gerbil's train crossed into Germany, and into the west.

*           *           *           *           *

Inger joined her train in Sundsvall, in the middle (ish) of Sweden. The journey took her south, to the southern coast of the country, and the journey was uneventful. True, she got plenty of lusty looks from guys turned on by teenage girls, and even a couple of propositions that she turned down (Gerbil would have killed to get such propositions, and would NEVER have turned them down, but East European men are not as liberated as their Swedish counterparts).

At the coast Inger took a ferry across the water to Germany, then another train to Berlin. Once in Germany the attention on her sexy teenage body got even greater. And when the train got full, a German businessman took the opportunity to stroke her thigh. She did not mind this too much, and decided it was easier to let him continue than to cause a scene. Besides, she kind of enjoyed it.

Then his hand slipped up under her dress and into her knickers. Inger decided that this was going too far and slapped his face. He withdrew his hand without a word, but glared at Inger for the rest of the journey.

*           *           *           *           *

In Berlin the two girls were scheduled to meet up, and continue their journey together. Gerbil's train arrived hours before Inger's. So she got a cheap but unpleasant coffee served in a plastic beaker and went to the waiting room to look at a magazine she had found on the train. She did not understand enough German to read the salacious articles which made up the bulk of the magazines. And even if she had, the articles were on the love life of various German film stars that Gerbil would never have heard of. But the magazine also contained publicity photos of the same male film stars, mostly with their shirts off and their bronzed muscular bodies rippling. Those Gerbil could appreciate.

The strange thing was that Gerbil had found the magazine tucked down the back of the seat in which the nuns had been sitting. And she was sure it had not been there when they had first sat down.

There were two guys in the waiting room when she arrived. they were was unemployed teenagers (something Germany has plenty of), both were nineteen year olds. They looked at her lustfully as she entered. Sitting down Gerbil felt their eyes upon her, mentally undressing her. But neither made a move. She went through her 'looking available' routine, to no avail. The teenagers were too nervous to approach her. She hitched up her skirt, undid a few blouse buttons, and looked at them with an expression they could not fail to realise meant "fuck me now please". But still they did not have the courage to move. In desperation Gerbil undid her blouse entirely and took off her bra, so that the boys could see her naked tits. They obviously appreciated the view, but if anything this made them more nervous.

Finally Gerbil consulted her German phrase book. It did not have exactly the phrase she wanted, but from what it did have, and from the few words of German Gerbil did know, she was able to piece together "Wünschen sie kerle ein bumsen oder nicht?", which didn't quite mean "Do you guys want a fuck or not?", but the teenagers got the idea.

They stared at her in shock for a moment, but her prior behaviour, and the fact that her naked teenage tits were still on view, convinced them that she meant what she said. Excitedly they both nodded "yes".

Please Read You may be wondering why there have been no new chapters for a long time. The reason is that it takes both time and money to run a website like this. It is supposed to pay for itself from people purchasing things via the adverts. However that has not happened, so I have only been able to update it when I had spare time. Nowadays I am working long hours, so I have not had any spare time to write new chapters. It has been suggested to me that I add a "donate" button for people who want to see more chapters to donate money to get them written. So, if you want more chapters of the story use the "donate" button below to make a donation.

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Dear Diary:
Today I start my initiation into the sorority. I know it will be horrible. I know I will suffer terribly in the hands of the sadistic older girls who will inflict this cruel initiation on me. But I want to join the sorority, so I must endure whatever tortures they have planned for me.

She knew it would be bad,
but she had no idea how bad !!!

Before Jenny told the author the full story of this unbelievable incident in her life she showed him her diary entry she wrote just before it started. You can read it for yourself in the pink box above. Like him you will probably think she knew exactly the hell that the coming week would be for her. BUT SHE WAS WRONG, it was WORSE, much WORSE.

After showing him that page in her diary she told the author:

"I was eighteen at the time, I had no idea of the hell those sadistic little ba****ds were going to put me through. I have never suffered as much in my life before, or since. Those girls were evil, they had the power to do whatever they liked to me, AND THEY USED THAT POWER TO THE FULL."

Think about that for a moment Jenny was eighteen years old, a new girl at college. She desperately wanted to fit in, desperately wanted to join the sorority. AND THE OTHER GIRLS KNEW THIS. They were a little older; nineteen, twenty, some of them maybe twenty one or two. And they knew this innocent little eighteen year old so desperately wanted to be in their sorority that she would let them do whatever they liked to her. And these girls were, as Jenny said, "sadistic little b-------". Put yourself in their place, think what you would do. Imagine yourself as sadistic as a bunch of teenagers, and think how you would abuse that power. Believe me, these girls did worse things to Jenny that you are thinking of. You really want to read what they did.

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