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Teen Sex In Norfolk

The Caister International College For Young Ladies

Introduction To The Story

Chapter 1
Schoolgirls Become College Girls

Chapter 2
Teenage Girls Travelling Alone

Chapter 3
A Teenage Virgin's Journey Alone

Chapter 4
Teenage Sex In A Station Waiting Room

Chapter 5
Mile High Blowjob From A Teenage Sexpot

Chapter 6
A Teenage Girl Is Fucked, Buggered, And Sucks Cock

Chapter 7
A Kinky Teens Attempt To Get A Middle Age Man Hard

Chapter 8
A Striptease Then A Licking Out For A Teen Pussy

Chapter 9
Fucking Teenage Girls Is A Hit And Miss Affair

Chapter 10
Naked Teenage Tits And Teenage Bukkake

Chapter 11
Teen Masturbation & Teen Fisting

Chapter 12
Teenage Orgy: Dream, Nightmare, Or Reality???

Chapter 13
Mile High Teen Sex

Chapter 14
Teenage Girls In The Sex Capital Of Europe

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A Teenage Virgin's Journey Alone

The aptly named teenage virgin, Virginia, was also due to meet Gerbalannainstikoff (Gerbil) and Inger in Berlin. She lived in Northern Italy, close to Venice. When her parents had originally moved to Italy, it had been because they had fallen in love with Venice. Ideally they would have liked to live there, but house prices in Venice were too expensive for them. So instead they found a small property outside the city, close enough to commute, but far enough away to be much cheaper. When Virginia started her journey to Berlin, she started from Venice Station. Her parents dropped her off, with predictably tearful goodbyes, and she was on the first leg of her journey to England.

Starting from Northern Italy meant that Virginia did not have much of Italy to cross. For her this was a good thing. Virginia was still a virgin, and valued her virginity. However she was an attractive teenage girl, and for the last couple of years had been aware of the attention her teenage body was getting from lustful Italian men. She was cosmopolitan enough to know that the general foreigner's view of Italian men was that they were a nation of horny bottom pinchers, and the fact that Virginia had had her bottom pinched by total strangers a few times confirmed that stereotype in her mind. Unfortunately she was not cosmopolitan enough to realise that most men, the world over, were horny, and liable to give teenage girls more attention that Virginia liked, and she thought that it would not happen elsewhere in the world.

As Virginia looked for her seat on the train she once more got her bottom pinched. She reacted in her usual way, squealing in surprise and horror. The man who had pinched the virgins bottom took her squeal in the usual way too, he assumed her squeal was one of delight.

Fortunately for Virginia, the bottom pincher did have a seat in the same carriage as her. Unfortunately for Virginia, sitting opposite her was an elderly man of about eighty, who sat staring at the poor virgins breasts the entire time he was on the train. Virginia cursed at the fact that she had dressed hurriedly, and was wearing a blouse that was slightly too small for her. It stretched across her teenage tits, emphasising their firmness and youth. Although (as usual) the virgins blouse was done up to the neck, the effect of the slightly tight blouse was almost as good as if she had been topless.

And the elderly man much appreciated it.

Virgina was soon out of Italy, and crossed the narrow part of Austria even quicker. However Berlin was in the north of Germany, and Virginia crossed the border in the far south. She had a lot of miles ahead of her before she met up with the other two girls.

By the time she reached Munich, Virginia had had to change trains. A minor inconvenience, and one she gladly bore, because although a necessary part of her journey, it also meant that she was rid of the elderly gentleman who spent the entire time just staring at her teenage tits. Now she was sitting opposite a couple, husband and wife, both in their early forties. True, the man had glanced over the virgins body when they sat down, but it had been a brief glance, and she was used to this. Attractive teenage girls like Virginia get used to this, however much they hated it, otherwise they would have to slap the face of half the men in the world.

The couple opposite talked together for about five minutes, then lapsed into silence. A little later they both got out books and began reading, it was going to be a long journey. Virginia was relieved, with his face in a book there was no risk that the man would begin ogling her.

What Virginia did not know was that while his wife read her book, the man was not reading his. He was using it as cover, so that he could eye up Virginia over the top of it, without Virginia, or more importantly, without his wife, noticing.

He started off by just looking at the virgins tits, straining at her blouse. Then he imagined her slowly undoing her blouse, and pulling it open. In his mind Virginia was wearing a lacy low cut bra underneath her blouse (although in truth, she was wearing a 'sensible' full cup bra) and he spent a few moments imagining her firm teenage breasts filling out the bra, the tops exposed above the lace. Then he imagined that she reached behind her own back, and slipped the bra off, making her topless to his gaze.

Although this was all in his mind, his vision of Virginia topless was amazingly accurate. Unknown to his wife, he had a large collection of magazines full of photos of naked teenage girls (he kept them in his shed, in a large locked box labelled "Weedkillers and Poisons", which he knew his wife would never open as she has had a fear of poisons ever since a gypsy fortune teller told her that she would die from accidentally eating poison). He spent ages in his shed looking at the magazines and masturbating. He always kept the magazine he was reading hidden in a gardening magazine, so that it would look like he was reading the gardening magazine if his wife walked in unexpectedly. She never had, which was fortunate, because heaven knows what she would think if she caught him reading what she thought was a gardening magazine and masturbating to it.

Next he imagined her licking her right index finger, and running that wet index finger seductively across her own naked breasts while looking at him suggestively. Then he imagined her tantalisingly tweaking her own nipples whilst looking at him with a look that said "this is turning me on, but it is turning me on more because you are watching".

The man did not stop at imagining her topless, next he imagined her slipping off the ankle length skirt that she was wearing. Underneath he imagined she was wearing white cotton panties (he was correct), and his imagined view of her teenage legs was fairly accurate too.

He admired her teenage legs for a while, but although he was a "leg man", what really turned him on was teenage girls naked. So he imagined her removing her white cotton panties and bending over, which gave him an excellent view of the virgins firm teenage ass. Although she had her ass towards him, he also made her twist round so that she was looking at him and sucking on a finger at the same time, in a very "naughty girl" pose.

After that he imagined her facing him, and spreading her legs, so that he got a good view of the virgins pussy.

Next, in his mind, she began masturbating herself while he watched.

At that point the man regretfully pulled himself out of his fantasy, at least temporarily, and asked his wife if she she was cold. She said that she was not, and he replied that he was. So he got out his coat, and used it as a blanket, covering himself as he sat back down. His wife was not surprised by this, she had long got used to the fact that her husband seemed to occasionally suffer from feeling cold on public transport. At first she had worried that there was something medically wrong with him, because the affliction could strike on the hottest of days. But by then she had come to the conclusion that it must be psychosomatic, as it only happened on public transport, and happened at random times. She assumed that something he saw made his subconscious remember a time in his childhood that he had been very cold, and brought back the sensation. She had tried to spot what it was that set him off, but so far had no luck. What she had fortunately failed to realise was that it only happened when they were sitting opposite or close to beautiful teenage girls.

The real reason the man had put the coat over him was so that he could masturbate himself underneath it. Fantasising about naked teenage girls always made him horny (naturally), so if the journey was long enough he always covered himself with a coat to make masturbation possible.

As he imagined Virginia masturbating he masturbated himself. But in his imagination Virginia was masturbating herself with one hand, and masturbating him with her other one. This was one of his favourite fantasies, number three on his list to be exact. His number one was (obviously) fucking teenage girls, and quite often when undressing teenage girls in his fantasy, his fantasy ended with the naked teenage girls fucked by him.

His second favourite fantasy was oral sex with teenage girls giving blowjobs to him.

And the third favourite of his sexual fantasies was having naked teenage girls masturbating him, while also masturbating themselves.

There were other sexual fantasies in his pornographic mind, the only connection between them was that they involved naked teenagers having sex with him. He liked variety, so he varied them. But these three were his favourites, so got used a lot. Although he did not know that Virgina was a virgin, the girls in his fantasies were often teenage virgins at the start of his fantasy. But by the end of his fantasy they were no longer virgins.

Virginia got landed (in his mind) with sexual fantasy number three - naked teenage girls masturbating him.

He had good self control, and kept this fantasy up for several station stops, not yet cuming. Whenever he felt himself close he imagined the virgins hand easing up, slowing the stroke, or stopping entirely if necessary, teasing him by not letting him orgasm, while she (in his mind) masturbated herself to several orgasms.

Finally the man could no longer stand the torture he was inflicting on himself, he knew he had to cum. The fantasy of this naked teenage girls masturbating hand on his cock was driving him wild. He imagined her kneeling naked at his feet, opening her mouth to catch his semen as it ejaculated from his penis. Slowly she increased the strokes on his penis, imagining it was the virgins hand masturbating him. Faster and faster, until eventually he came, squirting his cum into the naked teenage girls mouth, then watched as she swallowed it, and finally licked his now limp penis clean.

Opposite him, the object of his fantasy knew nothing of the hardcore sex action she was participating in, in his mind. She vaguely wondered at the face he briefly pulled, still mostly hidden behind the book he was pretending to read. She hardly even noticed as he put the book down and went to sleep.

Next to him his wife had felt him shuddering when he orgasmed. But she paid it no mind. She knew this was the usual end to one of his "feeling cold" attacks. She assumed it was his mind coming to terms with whatever stimuli set off his cold spell, because after "shuddering" he usually fell asleep.

Virginia sat in her seat feeling bored. It would not be long until she reached Berlin, and continued the journey with two other teenage girls, strangers to her, but hopefully soon to become good friends. And even if they didn't, at least they would be someone to talk to for the rest of the journey.

While The stranger had fantasy teenage sex with Virginia in his mind, Gerbil was getting ready to experience the real thing. The two teenage boys she had met in the waiting room had at last bucked up the courage to respond to her unsubtle come-ons. (The last being to ask them, in bad German, "Do you guys want a fuck?", how unsubtle can you get!) Unlike Virginia, none of the three people in the waiting room were teenage virgins, and the Berlin waiting room was about to pay host to some really horny teenagers fucking.

Please Read You may be wondering why there have been no new chapters for a long time. The reason is that it takes both time and money to run a website like this. It is supposed to pay for itself from people purchasing things via the adverts. However that has not happened, so I have only been able to update it when I had spare time. Nowadays I am working long hours, so I have not had any spare time to write new chapters. It has been suggested to me that I add a "donate" button for people who want to see more chapters to donate money to get them written. So, if you want more chapters of the story use the "donate" button below to make a donation.

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