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Teen Sex In Norfolk

The Caister International College For Young Ladies

Introduction To The Story

Chapter 1
Schoolgirls Become College Girls

Chapter 2
Teenage Girls Travelling Alone

Chapter 3
A Teenage Virgin's Journey Alone

Chapter 4
Teenage Sex In A Station Waiting Room

Chapter 5
Mile High Blowjob From A Teenage Sexpot

Chapter 6
A Teenage Girl Is Fucked, Buggered, And Sucks Cock

Chapter 7
A Kinky Teens Attempt To Get A Middle Age Man Hard

Chapter 8
A Striptease Then A Licking Out For A Teen Pussy

Chapter 9
Fucking Teenage Girls Is A Hit And Miss Affair

Chapter 10
Naked Teenage Tits And Teenage Bukkake

Chapter 11
Teen Masturbation & Teen Fisting

Chapter 12
Teenage Orgy: Dream, Nightmare, Or Reality???

Chapter 13
Mile High Teen Sex

Chapter 14
Teenage Girls In The Sex Capital Of Europe

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Teenage Sex In A Station Waiting Room

Back at Berlin station Gerbil (Gerbalannainstikoff) had at last got through to the two teenagers in the waiting room with her. The poor eighteen year old girl had been making "I want sex with you" type moves at the German youths for ages, and getting only lustful looks back, no action. So with the aid of her German phrase book, and what little German she already knew, she had said to them "Wünschen sie kerle ein bumsen oder nicht?", which she thought meant "Do you guys want a fuck or not?", and was close enough for them to get the idea. The two boys were nineteen year olds, and Gerbil was a very attractive eighteen year old girl, so not surprisingly they nodded "yes".

There was nowhere private to go, but they were the only three people in the waiting room, and Gerbil was too horny to wait any longer. She moved to one of the benches at the rear of the room, where they were less likely to be observed by someone looking in, and laid down on it. Then she lifted her skirt, removed her knickers and spread her legs. The boys looked at her nervously, still too scared to make a move, so Gerbil said "Which one of you wants to go first?" She had no idea what the German language version for this question was, so she spoke in English, hoping that the boys knew enough English to understand.

Finally the two German teenagers bucked up the courage to make a move. A brief argument broke out between them, in German, and Gerbil correctly guessed that they were arguing about who got to fuck her first. They solved the argument by tossing a coin. Then the winner approached Gerbil, removing his trousers as he walked, and nearly tripping over in the process. Gerbil looked at him as he finally got both his trousers and boxers off. He was well hung for a nineteen year old, and a thrill of sexual anticipation ran through Gerbil's body, his penis was large enough to really stretch her teenage pussy, she knew it was going to be good for her. Then shaking slightly from the nervousness he still felt, the youth climbed up on top of her and without any foreplay, penetrated her.

Although the German did not bother with foreplay, this did not matter because Gerbil had been getting hornier and hornier during the train journey, and by the time she had reached Berlin she was so moist that she was almost dripping on the platform.

As the first German's penis penetrated her, Gerbil let out an involuntary sigh of pleasure. It felt good to have a large cock inside her teenage pussy. It also felt good for the German, his penis squeezed by a tight teenage pussy. He may have only been nineteen, but he had plenty of experience. But all of it was with a perverted "auntie". Not a blood "auntie", but a friend of his mother, who he had called "Auntie Gertrude" since he had been able to talk. On his eighteenth birthday, her present to him was the loss of his virginity. It was more her present to herself really, she had fancied her faux nephew for a long time, but at least had the sense to wait until he was legal. Since then they had been fucking in secret whenever they could, no one else knew about it. He wanted to boast, but he knew that his parents would stop the liaisons if they found out, and he did not want that. So he kept quiet. Auntie Gertrude was in her forties, and the teenager felt pleased that he was fucking an older woman. Very "Dustin Hoffman" of himself. Fucking Gerbil was his first experience of teen on teen sex, and he realised what he had been missing by only fucking an older woman. The tight young pussies of teenage girls.

The boy was good, his aunt had taught him well (for her own pleasure), he knew what he was doing. And Gerbil had been thinking of sex for most of the journey, so she came quickly, and it was a good orgasm.

Gertrude had taught him stamina, had taught him how to hold on. But this was his first time with a teenage girl, so he came a lot sooner than he had intended, a lot sooner than he wanted. But still it was long enough for Gerbil to reach a second orgasm.

His friend had been watching, and getting more and more turned on. So as soon as the first teenager got up, the second was climbing on top of Gerbil. He had a slightly smaller penis than his friend, but that did not bother Gerbil. She liked to be stretched, but sex was sex, regardless of the size of the cock inside her. However she was disappointed that the second German did not have as good a technique as his friend. Still, he was very good for a nineteen year old, and Gerbil would have been happy if it wasn't for the fact that she had just had two fantastic orgasms. She did not cum this time, but she politely faked it when she felt the boy ejaculate inside her.

After all three teenagers had been fully sexually satisfied, they sat and talked for a while. Gerbil only knew a few words of German, but she was fairly fluent in English, and the boys both spoke enough English that they could just about manage a conversation together. The Boys names were Hanz and Bert. Bert did not sound like a German name, and Hanz sounded so stereotypically German that Gerbil assumed that they had given her false names. She did not mind, and considered telling them she was Countess Stephanie, but decided against it because she knew both Virginia and Inger would arrive at some time looking for her, and if she was still claiming to be "Countess Stephanie" it could get confusing, not to mention embarrassing. Although Gerbil did not believe it, the names of these two guys were really Bert and Hanz.

The three teenagers talked for some time, and Gerbil finished her now cold but still unpleasant cup of what passed for coffee at that station. Hanz offered to buy her a second cup, but Gerbil did not think her intestines could take it. Gerbil had not bothered doing up her blouse again, she was hoping to get the boys horny enough for a second round. But instead, after talking for quite some time, Hanz said, in his broken English, "Please could you now give me a sucking of the cock?"

Gerbil would have preferred a fuck, but she was game for anything, and a mouthful of cum was her third favourite thing (her most favourite thing being a pussy full of cum, and her second favourite thing was an asshole full of cum). So she got down on her knees and gave Hanz a blowjob.

His penis still tasted of Gerbil's own pussy juices, and this time he controlled himself for longer, enjoying the feel of Gerbil's mouth around his penis, her tongue gently tickling it as she excited him fully. Then when he finally came in her mouth, she swallowed his semen gratefully, she loved the taste of it, loved the feel of it sliding down her throat.

As she began to stand up, Bert stopped her and said "No, me too please." So Gerbil remained on her knees, and this time gave head to the other German teenager. He came much more quickly than his friend, but his semen tasted as good to Gerbil as she swallowed it.

After that they again talked a for a while. Gerbil hoping that once their libido had recovered from the blowjobs she had given them, and their "honourable member" was once again able to stand to attention, she would get another fuck. Unfortunately they had other things on their minds. When they finally reached the stage where they could go for round two, Bert asked Gerbil "Please, is it possible for you to once more suck out my penis?" Gerbil's reply was "Oh, no, it is your turn. I sucked your cocks, now you can suck my pussy." The boys consulted then Hanz told her "Yes we agree, it is only fair. But afterwards may I fuck you in the arse while you give Bert a sucking of the cock?"

Gerbil agreed, she had never taken two men at once, and thought it might be fun.

Gerbil had not put her knickers back on, so she just spread her legs and raised her skirt. The two teenagers took it in turns to perform cunnilingus on her teenage pussy. Hanz was best (Auntie Gertrude was a good teacher), but Bert was not bad, and each one licked her until she had a genuine orgasm. And while each boy administered to Gerbil's needs, the other watched and masturbated himself.

*           *           *           *           *

Meanwhile, Inger at last arrived at the station. She asked in the ticket office if anyone had seen Gerbalannainstikoff. A none to happy ticket seller said he did not know the names of all the teenage girls who passed his booth, let alone those whose names he could not pronounce. Someone in the café told Inger that she had sold a cup of coffee to a teenage girl with an East European sounding accent, and said that she had headed in the direction of the waiting room. Inger thanked her, and shot off in that direction.

Looking in the window of the station waiting room, Inger could only see the occupants from just above the waist up. There were only two people in the room, a teenage girl sitting with a contented look on her face, and a teenage boy looking in her direction with an even more contented look on his face. Inger decided that the girl was probably the person she was looking for, so she entered the waiting room and said "Hello, my name is Inger please. Are you Gerbalannainstikoff who is going to the Caister International Colle...... OhMyGoodGodInHeavenAndAllTheSaints!!!"

The final run together blasphemous expletive was due to the fact that she had just noticed a third German boy on the floor between Gerbil's legs, who was licking out her pussy. And at the same moment she also realised that the other boy, who was sitting on a bench watching them, had his penis out and was masturbating.

Gerbil looked up at her and said "Yes I am Gerbalannainstikoff, but I prefer 'Gerbil'. This is Bert and the other boy is Hanz. Both boys said "hello", but Bert's "hello" was slightly muffled because his face was still buried in Gerbil's pussy. Feeling a little confused, and a lot embarrassed, Inger said "hello" back. Gerbil said "I don't suppose you could wait outside until I have finished, I'm nearly there. Or if you prefer you can sit and watch. Inger replied "No that is OK please. I will go for a drink of coffee." Then still bright red with embarrassment Inger rushed back to the café.

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