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Teen Sex In Norfolk

The Caister International College For Young Ladies

Introduction To The Story

Chapter 1
Schoolgirls Become College Girls

Chapter 2
Teenage Girls Travelling Alone

Chapter 3
A Teenage Virgin's Journey Alone

Chapter 4
Teenage Sex In A Station Waiting Room

Chapter 5
Mile High Blowjob From A Teenage Sexpot

Chapter 6
A Teenage Girl Is Fucked, Buggered, And Sucks Cock

Chapter 7
A Kinky Teens Attempt To Get A Middle Age Man Hard

Chapter 8
A Striptease Then A Licking Out For A Teen Pussy

Chapter 9
Fucking Teenage Girls Is A Hit And Miss Affair

Chapter 10
Naked Teenage Tits And Teenage Bukkake

Chapter 11
Teen Masturbation & Teen Fisting

Chapter 12
Teenage Orgy: Dream, Nightmare, Or Reality???

Chapter 13
Mile High Teen Sex

Chapter 14
Teenage Girls In The Sex Capital Of Europe

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Way up in the sky Hanna was sitting on the toilet looking at a naked middle age guy with an enormous erect penis. The teenage girl so wanted it inside her. Unfortunately while he was buggering the teenage girls ass the 'plane had hit turbulence, and as the two of them were thrown about the 'plane's toilet with his cock still up her ass, his cock had been twisted and bent. As it was still hard and erect this caused him considerable pain. And the pain was ongoing. This meant that he could not fuck Hanna as she had wanted, which was a disappointment for him as well as her (he had gone into the toilet with a promise of teen sex and since he had not had an opportunity for fucking teenage girls since he himself was a teenager, he was looking forward to fucking Hanna's tight teenage cunt).

However he had already buggered her tight teenage ass and got a blowjob from the teenagers mouth so he should have been satisfied.

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And Hanna wanted the same thing.

So they remained in that toilet until the pain in his penis had subsided and he could manage to start the fucking.

*           *           *           *           *

At this point in time, in a Berlin station waiting room Gerbil, Inger, Hanz, Bert, and the man Inger had picked up in the coffee shop were all trying to convince Virginia that she had walked into the waiting room, introduced herself, then sat down on a bench and promptly fell asleep. They told her that the long, boring journey she had been on was probably to blame for her tiredness, and also (probably) stress of going to a new college in a foreign country. They let her sleep without disturbing her because they felt she needed the rest. But while she slept she kept moaning and twitching as though she was dreaming, and from the tone of her moans, they thought it was probably a pretty sexual dream.

Amazingly Virginia believed them. She assumed that she had met her new friends, introduced herself, then fallen asleep and dreamt about them. She was a bit worried that these dreams were dirty, sexual dreams, because she was a good girl, a good little teenage virgin, she did not think these disgusting sexual things when awake, so why would she dream them? But, disturbing though these thoughts were, they were less disturbing to the teenage virgins mind that the thought that she might have really done these things. So it must have been a dream.

The other sighed with relief when they realised that she had bought their story. If she had not, they could see themselves ending up in a German prison over the teen sex orgy they had just enjoyed, particularly as they had also used the unconscious teenage virgins body in their sex games.

One would have hoped that this had taught them a lesson, but sadly it had not. It had not put the men off sex in the slightest. And Gerbil was still a raging nymphomaniac!

*           *           *           *           *

A mile up, Hanna's middle age man had at last got over the pain their violent "uncoupling" had caused him. He was at last ready to initiate the teenage girl into the mile high club!

They decided to do it standing up, with Hanna leaning against the side wall of the toilet. Aeroplane toilets are small - there is not a lot of spare room in an aeroplane and standing like this meant they were squashed between the wall, the door, and the toilet. So if there was any more turbulence, there was a chance these three things would keep them in place, and the man would not hurt his cock again.

He gently forced it inside her, and slowly began to fuck the willing teenage girls cunt. Gerbil whispered "harder, faster" in his ear and he willingly obliged, pumping her harder and faster. He was in a quandary. He had not had teen sex since, well since he was a teenager himself. And he was realistic enough to realise he would never again get the chance to have sex with teenage girls. So he wanted this to last, preferably until the end of the flight. But he was also afraid of more turbulence. So wanted to cum before another lurch of the plane gave him more pain, or even caused him to break his penis off. The "long fuck" was winning, simply because his fear of pain was dampening his ardour and keeping him from cumming.

Hanna had no such problem, and it was not long before she came. But her man kept fucking her, throughout and after her orgasm. Hanna was delighted, it was not over, he was going to try to give her another orgasm.

*           *           *           *           *

Back on the ground, in a German railway station, the train that Gerbil, Inger, and Virginia had been waiting for finally arrived. They got on it and found themselves seats together. The men watched as the train pulled out, regretful that Gerbil and Inger were leaving, they had enjoyed the sex with teenage girls that they had got in the waiting room. But they were also slightly relieved, because Virginia was also leaving the country, and with the teenage virgin went the risk of them ending up in jail for what they had done to the poor teen virgins naked body while she slept.

*           *           *           *           *

In the air, the middle age man was having so much fun fucking his teenage girls cunt that he no longer worried about injuring himself if the 'plane hit more turbulence. In fact he had decided that the joy of teen sex was so great that even if turbulence caused him to rip off his own cock inside Hanna, the sex would be worth the sacrifice. Consequently he held on as long as he could, and gave Hanna several more orgasms, before the "return to your seats" light went on and he regretfully allowed his body to do what it had been begging to be allowed to do for ages - release two testicles full of semen into the teenagers pussy.

Then the two of them returned to their seats as the aeroplane began it's final approach to Amsterdam airport.

Please Read You may be wondering why there have been no new chapters for a long time. The reason is that it takes both time and money to run a website like this. It is supposed to pay for itself from people purchasing things via the adverts. However that has not happened, so I have only been able to update it when I had spare time. Nowadays I am working long hours, so I have not had any spare time to write new chapters. It has been suggested to me that I add a "donate" button for people who want to see more chapters to donate money to get them written. So, if you want more chapters of the story use the "donate" button below to make a donation.

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